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Targeted social assistance of the new format in 2018

The targeted social assistance of the new format will replace the three currentlyexisting types of aids available to large families and low-income families, namely:

Special state benefits (SSB) for large families; State child allowances under the age of 18 (SCA) for low-income families; Targeted social assistance (TSA) provided to low-income households.Transformation of social benefits into a single social benefit is necessary for:• strengthening the targeting of social assistance

• providing social support for the most needy categories;

• Increasing the effectiveness of social support provided to low-income families;

• Prevention of dependency among recipients of social assistance;

In addition to providing targeted social assistance, support in training and obtaining a profession with subsequent employment or in obtaining a loan to open its own (expansion) business to every able-bodied citizen will be provide by the state.

Transformation of social benefits into a single social benefit

Special state benefits(SSB)

to large families having 4and more minors

(Today -9440KZT, regardless of family income)

Targeted social assistance (TSA)

(Now the threshold level is 40% of the subsistence level (for the region -22636KZT) and for the 3rd quarter of 2017. poverty line – 9054KZT)

State child allowances under the age of 18 (SCA) for low-income families

(If the family has an average per capita income below 60% of the subsistence level (3quarter 2017g. 13582KZT), the state pays 2383 KZT per child for children under 18 years of age)




will be given to all families in which there are no able-bodied members (for example, disabled families or elderly pensioners) or families whose able-bodied members cannot participate in employment promotion measures (for example, a single mother with preschool children) for objective reasons.

For such families, compulsory participation in employment measures to receive aids is not required

The united criterion of rendering is 50% of the subsistence minimum

CONDITIONAL ADDRESSED ASSISTANCE- will be provided to families with at least one able-bodied member, upon condition of the conclusion of a social contract and the mandatory participation of all able-bodied family members in measures to promote employment (permanent and temporary jobs, youth practice, training or retraining by profession), the development of personal subsidiary farming and the organization of individual entrepreneurial activities.


Example of calculation of targeted social assistance of the new format for 1 family:• Family composition - 6 people, of them able-bodied - 2 people. (The father works, the mother takes care of the child up to 3 years), 4 children under 18;• The average monthly income of the family in the 4th quarter of 2017 is 53972KZT (SSB-9440KZT, SCA- 9532KZT, taking into account 2383 KZT for each child, father`s salary -35000KZT)• Average income per 1 person -8995 KZT (53972/6), or exceeds the threshold level of the mid-annual poverty line of 2017 (8559 KZT- 40% of the sum• Average annual subsistence level for 2018. (Taking into account the revision of its structure and value) - 28862 KZT;• The share of TSA in the new format is -50% of the subsistence level of 2018 - 14431 KZT(28862 * 50%)The size of the new format of TSA for each member of the family (person) is defined as the difference between the per capita income of a family (person) and 50 percent of the subsistence level (forecast 2018g.-14431KZT) established in the region.Before the conversion, the amount of social benefits per month is 18972 KZT (9440KZT. SSB + 9532 KZT SCA).The amount of TSA of the new format per month is 32616 KZT (8995KZT – 14431KZT) * 6 people);After the conversion, the size of the new format of the TSA exceeds the amount of benefits received by 1.7 times or by 13644 KZT(32616KZT-18972KZT)per month.As indicated above, targeted social assistance of the new format will be differentiated in 2018 depending on the family income and its composition. This means that targeted social assistance will be provided to a family that has incomes below 50% of the subsistence level (taking into account the revision of its structure and size) for each family member.For more information and explanation you may address to SE «The department of employment and social programs of Balkash town», 5 Yalikhanov street, office №7, phone 8(71036)44061.

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