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About state service

State service is granted on the base of the Standard of the state service "Giving out of certificates confirming the property of the applicant (family) to the recipients of addressed social assistance" confirmed by Order of the Minister   of Health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan from   April 28, 2015 № 279.

Refusal to giving out a certificate confirming the property of the recipient (family) of state service to recipients of addressed social assistance is carried out in the absence of information about rendering of addressed social assistance in the current quarter.


Receiving the application and giving out of the result of state service are carried out through:

1) non-profit joint-stock company "State corporation "Government for citizens";

2) service provider;

3) web-portal of "electronic government»: www.egov.kz.  

4) municipal state establishment « Centre of population employment»


          The list of documents required for rendering of state service:

1) an application;

2) an identity document of a service receiver.


          For more information and explanation please address into SE "The department of employment and social programs in Balkhash town" and MSE «Centre of population employment of Balkhash town’s akimat», 5,Ualikhanov, street, the 1st floor, office 7, 12,  phone: 8 (71036) 44061, 42400.

         Work schedule: daily from 9.00 to 18.30, with a lunch break from 13.00 to 14.30, except on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and state holidays.

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