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About addressing social aid of new format

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 28th of October,2015 №369-V “About entering of changes and additions in some legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on concerning of social addressing aid, in type of unconditional and caused monetary help, which provided for underprovided persons (families), which have average per capita income in month below the poverty line”.

From the 1st of January, 2018 poverty line on the Republic of Kazakhstan was defined in amount of 50%  from living wage (till 2018 – 40%), which calculated in a quarter, preceding quarter of the request for purpose of the address social help.
Living wage calculates by the body of the state statistic and for the 4th quarter of 2017 on Karaganda region made the sum of 22941 KZT. Accordingly, poverty line for the 1st quarter of 2018, defined in amount of 11471 KZT, that made 50% from the sum 22941 KZT – size of a living wage.

The ASP size on family calculated in the form of a difference between the average per capita income and the poverty line established in the area at the rate on each family member.

The unconditional monetary help renders to needy families which don't incorporate able-bodied members or they for the objective reasons can't participate in active measures of assistance of employment (pensioners, invalids of the  1st ,2nd  groups and (or) the having diseases on which the term of temporary disability more than two months which are carrying out care of the child aged up to 7 years, the disabled child, the invalids of the  1st  or 2nd  groups, aged needing permanent foreign care and the help is established).
For such categories, ASA in the form of the unconditional monetary help is appointed since a month of filing of application, the current quarter and is paid monthly.
The caused monetary help (further - CMH) rendres to needy families (persons) incorporating able-bodied members on condition of their participation in active measures of assistance of employment (training, social jobs, youth practice, public work, employment) and in need of social adaptation, with the conclusion of the social contract.
CMH is appointed to the action period of the social contract (up to six months), is paid monthly or at a time for the period determined in the social contract.
On time CMH is paid once in three months and used only on the actions connected with implementation of obligations under the social contract on development of personal subsidiary farm (purchase of a livestock, birds and etc.), the organization of individual business activity.
Person or family, which applying for receiving of ASA, which files a petition in Center of employment or to the akim of the settlement, providing of the following documents:
1)    Document, which indentified the person;
2)    Document, which confirmed the registration on permanent residence (address reference) for the each member of family by the one address;
3)    Information about incomes;
4)    Information number of a bank account;
5)    Birth certificate of the child;
6)    Certificate about registration of the conclusion (cancellation) of marriage;
-    the reference from educational institution if dependents aged from eighteen up to twenty three years are studying full-time courses in the organizations of secondary, technical and professional, postsecondary education, higher educational institutions.
In addition to the application from the able-bodied family members involved to active measures of assistance of employment are applied:
-    document, which confirmed labour activity (in the presence) ;
-    document about education, qualification, presence special and professional preparation (in the presence).
Documents are provided by the applicant in original for verification.

    For receiving full information on questions about social support, in the type of address social aid, You need to address to the SE “Department of employment and social programs in Balkhash town” and MSE “Center of employment of population of Balkhash town’s akimat” to the address: Balkhash town, Ualikhanov street,5, the 1st floor, office №3,7,12. Contact telephones: 8(71036) 44061, 42400. Daily from 09.00 till 18.30, with a lunch break from 13.00 till 14.30, except days off (Sunday, Saturday).   

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