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The purpose of social assistance according to decisions of local representative bodies

The state service is provided on the basis of the decision of Balkhash town Maslikhat dated December 24, 2013 No. 24/176 “On approval of the Rules for providing social assistance, determining the size and determining the list of certain categories of needy citizens”, State Service Standard “Assignment of social assistance, local representative bodies”, approved by order of the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 28, 2015 No. 279.

The state service is provided in the form of social assistance to those in difficult life situations for those who permanently reside in the Balkhash town and the corresponding administrative-territorial unit (Gulshat, Sayak).

The grounds for assigning citizens to the category of people in need in the event of a difficult life situation are:

1) causing damage to a citizen (family) or his property as a result of a natural disaster or fire;

2) the presence of socially significant disease "tuberculosis" in the period of outpatient treatment;

3) the presence of socially significant disease "malignant neoplasms" for the period of postoperative treatment;

4) the presence of socially significant diseases caused by the human immunodeficiency virus and carriers of human immunodeficiency virus.

The size of the social assistance provided in each individual case is determined by a special commission and indicates in its opinion that it is necessary to provide social assistance.

Acceptance of the application and the issuance of the result of the provision of public services through:

1) service provider (SI “Department of employment and social programs of Balkhash town”);

2) akim of the rural district;

3) e-government web portal: www.egov.kz.

The list of necessary documents for obtaining state services:

service provider or akim of a rural district:

1) a statement in the prescribed form;

2) an identity document;

3) a document confirming registration at a permanent place of residence;

4) information on the composition of the applicant's family;

5) information about the income of the person (family members);

6) an act and / or document confirming the occurrence of a difficult life situation.

on the portal:

application for the assignment of social assistance;

      for information on the provision of public services - request in the form of an electronic document certified by the DS of the service recipient.

      Identification document details; a document confirming registration at a permanent place of residence; a document confirming the disability; a document confirming that the person has a socially significant disease indicated in the electronic application, the beneficiary receives from the relevant state information systems through the "electronic government" gateway.

 The term of the state service: from the date of delivery of the package of documents to the service provider or akim of the rural district, as well as when contacting the portal - 8 (eight) working days.


For full information on the procedure for assigning social assistance, you can contact the state institution “The Department of Employment and Social Programs of Balkhash town”, at: Ualikhanov str., 5, office No. 3.7, telephone 8 (71036) 44061.

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