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About a public service ‘’Granting of housing assistance’’

Public service is provided on the basis of  Rules of rendering the housing assistance to the population of the city of Balkhash, "Purpose of the housing assistance ", № 319 approved by the order of the Minister of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 9, 2015 approved by the decision of the city maslikhat of December 22, 2011      №  55/415, the Standard of public service (with the changes made by orders of the Minister of investments and development of RK of 22.06.2018 №467) to the needy families (citizens) registered in this dwelling, who are owners or employers of the dwelling which are constantly living in the city of Balkhash and  settlements (Gulshat, Sayak).

The main criteria for definition of the right of family for receiving the housing assistance  are the total revenues of family and expenses on consumption of public utilities.

The amount of the housing assistance is defined as a difference between the sum of payment of expenses on consumption of utilities, within the norms provided with countervailing measures, and the established share– admissible expenses of family on these purposes and is appointed since a month of filing of application with all necessary documents for a period of up to the end of the current quarter.

The share of admissible expenses in the general total calculation is established of 8% of the total revenues of family and is criterion for assistance to needy families (citizens).


Reception of applications and delivery of results of rendering public service are carried out through:

1) non-profit stock company " State corporation ‘’Government for Citizens’’;

2) web portal of  "the electronic government": www.egov.kz    



The list of necessary documents for receiving public service to State corporation:


1) application in the established form;

2) identity document of the applicant;

3) the documents confirming the income of family;

4) the reference or the certificate of registration as the unemployed person;

5) information about alimony for children and other dependents;

6) bank account;

7) accounts about the sizes of monthly contributions to the maintenance of a house;

8) accounts on public of utilities;

9) the receipt account for services of telecommunications or the copy of the contract for rendering communication services;

10) the account about the amount of the rent for use of the dwelling rented by local executive body in private housing stock shown by local executive body.




on the portal:


1) a request in the form of an electronic document certified by the service recipient's EDS;

2) an electronic copy of documents confirming family income;

3) an electronic copy of the certificate of employment or certificate of registration as an unemployed person;

4) an electronic copy of the information on alimony for children and other dependents;

5) an electronic copy of the bank account;

6) an electronic copy of the invoice on the amount of monthly contributions for the maintenance of a dwelling house;

7) an electronic copy of the bill for the consumption of utilities;

8) an electronic copy of a receipt-invoice for telecommunications services or a copy of a contract for the provision of communication services;

           9) an electronic copy of the invoice on the amount of the rent for the use of a dwelling rented by the local executive body in the private housing stock submitted by the local executive body.


The term of the state service: from the date of delivery of the package of documents to the State Corporation, when accessing the portal - 8 (eight) working days.


The result of the provision of the state service is a notice of the appointment of housing assistance, or a reasoned response about the refusal to provide the state service.


Single contact center for the provision of public services: 1414.

For full information on the procedure for assigning housing assistance, you can contact the state establishment “The Department of Employment and Social Programs of  Balkhash town”, at the address: Ualikhanov Street 5, Office No. 3.7,                                        Phone 8 (71036) 44061.

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