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Nowadays the next instruments of state support of business development are active within the state program of forced industrial-innovation development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in SE “The department of business and industry in Balkhash town”:

  • Map of industrialization – for rendering aid in realizing of investment and innovation projects.
  • The program “Productivity-2020” – in order to increase competitiveness of industrial enterprises by increasing of labour productivity, including perfection of administrative and industrial technologies and also technical re-equipment of active and creation of new industries.
  • The program “Export-2020” – in order to assistance in export development and advancement of Kazakhstan product of non-raw sector of economics.
  • The program “Road map of business-2020” – for new business opportunities of small and middle business in order to provide a growth of the regional enterprise in non-raw sectors of economics and also keeping of active and creation of new constant working places.
  • The program “Development of mono towns” – in order to stable social-economical develop of mono towns in medium and long term of perspective. 

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