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Current issues of people discussed with mazhelisman in EK

According to the press service of the Chamber of Parliament of Kazakhstan, the national elect’s visiting places are the following villages: Tarbagatai, Karagash, Akshi, Saryarka, Barshatas, Kosagash, Madeniet, Aigyz, Mamyrsu, Shynkozha and Ayagoz of the Ayagoz district, in the Zharminsk district the following villages: Kalbatau, Suykbulak, Birlik, Zhangiz-tobr, Kapai batyr, Ushbiik and Shar town, in the Urdzhar district – the following localities: Urdzhar, Karakol, Sholpan, Zhogargy Eginsu, Akshoky, Karabuta, Koktal, Besterek, Zhana tilek.

During the meeting, the deputy told to people about the results of work of the Mazhilis and Parliamentarian fraction of the party “Nur Otan” for the held session, about the main trends of the Address of Head of State N. Nazarbayev “Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness”, about the amendments to the Constitution, about the program article of the President of Kazakhstan “Course towards future: modernization of public conscience”.  

In turn, people raised issues, concerning the development of agriculture, payment of subsidies to farmers, provision with houses and water, reconstruction of roads, development of infrastructure of localities, employment, social payments, internet-connection, construction of establishments of culture and education, lands and so on.

The deputy answered questions of voters and gave explanations. N. Sabilyanov has also visited the establishments of education, water supply and drainage facilities in Ayagoz and got familiarized with the construction of roads of republic importance Shar-Kalbarau and Taskesken-Bakty.

In addition, the national elect met with people.


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