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MIC RK plans to supply with Internet 1 800 villages with population of 2mln people

According to him, it is expected that the project will have a serious social and economic impact by expanding the coverage of electronic commerce, e-government services, tools for interactive education, health care and much more.

"To date, all 122 cities and about 1,200 rural settlements have high-speed access to the Internet. In the future, the Ministry plans to conduct communication lines in 1,800 villages with a total population of more than 2 million people. We develop the list of villages together with the Ministry of national economy, on the whole this project is planned for implementation for 2018-2020. According to our estimations, as a result of the project until 2021, fiber-optic lines with a length of 24 thousand kilometers will be brought in. This will allow local executive bodies and structural subdivisions of state bodies to provide access to the Internet", D. Abayev said.

He noted that the implementation of the project is planned according to the scheme of public-private partnership with ensuring guaranteed consumption of communication services by state bodies for 13 years (2018-2030).

He also noted that as a result, it is planned to provide Internet access speed of up to 20 megabits per second, and also to connect almost 2,000 schools and about 1,200 points in healthcare institutions and local state bodies.

Kairat Zhandybayev

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