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Department of Communal Services of Astana told about works carried out at EXPO-2017

According to I. Alekseev, the communal services department implemented projects, within which the jumpers of the heat main of the 4th input were built.

"The first oneis a heating main along the street. Sh. Kaldayakov on the site from the street Mirzoyan to the street. Balkantau, a length of 1,200m. and a diameter of 800mm. The second is a heating main on the street А40 on the site from the street A52 to the street Bayantau, with a length of 1000m. and a diameter of 820mm.", I. Alekseev said.

Talking about the water supply, the representative of the municipal economy noted that a water pipeline with a diameter of 1200mm., 2.5 km in length from the pump-filtration station along the Zhansugurov street to the Mustafin street was built, which provided reliable water supply at peak loads.

"Water supply networks have been built along the street Orynbor with a length of 4.2km. with a diameter of 500mm., which provided water supply to the territory of the EXPO. Also, an annular water pipe was built along the street Syganak from a water pipe with a diameter of 500mm. on the street Enbekshiler to street 43 through the Ishim river in Astana, with a length of 1,100 meters", I. Alekseev informed.

He also said that a collector on the street Sauran from the street Ryskulov up to street 31, in length of 680m. and a diameter of 500mm. along the drainage system in the part of storm sewage was built which provided drainage in the territory of the EXPO.

"The purification facilities located along Turan Avenue are located in the area of intersection with streets 31, 27 and Syganak. A water-throwing collector from Lake Malyi Taldykol to the river Ishim was built, with a length of 16.9km. and a diameter of 1600mm., which made it possible to prevent the flooding of the adjacent territory of Turan Avenue", I. Alekseev concluded.


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