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EXPO-2017: “Karazhorga” dancing Japanese (Photo-report)

Representatives of different generations of the Country of the Rising Sun went through the territory of EXPO-2017.  

All of them screamed “Hoekago” simultaneously, which means the sense of the parade. In general, this event takes place regularly in Japan, during which one can be acquainted with the national traditions.

The participants of the parade demonstrated such performances, as a battle with a sword, karate and other sports shows.

Japanese people is not only among highly intellectual and developed in the sphere of new technology, but also rich in ancient culture and musical legacy.

During the event, the collective of artists heading by musician Hiromitsu Agatsuma, who can play the Japanese tree-stringed instrument “shamisen”, presented its songs to spectators.

The special event has continued in the pavilion of Japan.

The mix of new technologies with festival music and dances of each region of the country was presented to spectators by means of interactive audiovisual show.

In addition, spectators had an opportunity to dance the traditional Japanese dance, in turn, the Japanese guests performed the Kazakh national dance “Karashorga”.

We note, that Osaka presented its candidature to hold the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 in 2025.

In this connection, the team of the city has also presented the original Japanese dance, with the aim to promote its candidature.

The pavilion of Japan presents the elements of natural energy, such as the sun, water and wind with the use of design elements of the Japanese traditional patterns and art. That can be noticed by the logotype of Japan within EXPO-2017.

Besides, the cultural event was held on the stage of the National day, where the Japanese musicians showed their performances as well as the theatre performance presenting spirit of the Country of the Rising sun was held.

Akbota Kuzekbay

Photo by Abzal Kaliev

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