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Bird flu

Bird flu – the viral disease affecting agricultural, synanthropic and wild birds.

All bird species, including hens, ducks, geese, turkey-cocks, quails, pheasants, sparrows, pigeons, etc. are susceptible to flu.

Bird flu among wild birds often proceeds without clinical signs, however can cause a serious illness and death in poultry. Viruses of bird flu can infect other animal species and also people. People catch at close contact with sick birds and also during care of poultry, at a face and processing.

Flu can cause egg production reduction, a disease of a respiratory system in poultry (the expiration from a beak, the complicated breath, rattles), a gastrointestinal tract disease (a diarrhea, the dung is painted in brown-green color), the central nervous system (a spasm, involuntary movements) and also can proceed in an acute form with fast death of a bird without any symptoms.

How to warn infection of poultry

During threat of bird flu for prevention of infection of poultry in individual farms it is necessary to transfer birds to the closed contents, not to let out geese and ducks on reservoirs, on farmsteads to establish scarecrows, etc. for scaring away of wild birds. To poultry to enter mineral vitamin supplements for the purpose of strengthening of immunity into a forage.

It is necessary to look after poultry in the working clothes (a dressing gown, an apron, mittens) which are specially allocated for this purpose. To carry out storage and washing of overalls separately from casual clothes.

During cleaning of rooms for keeping of birds it is not necessary to eat food, to drink, smoke. Periodically (2-3 times a week) to process previously cleaned room and stock (scoops, a broom, shovels, tubs, etc.) 3% hot solution of caustic soda or 3% solution of chloric lime (chloroamine), hot water of 100 °C inactivates a virus instantly. After disinfection of the hen house the perch and nests need to be whitewashed twice (with an hour interval) with fresh lime.

How to warn infection of the person

1. To avoid contact with the got sick or fallen bird;

2. Not to buy meat of birds and other products of poultry farming in places of unauthorized trade and also not passed the veterinary and sanitary examination;

3. After contact with crude meat of birds and other products of poultry farming it is obligatory to wash up carefully hands with soap, whenever possible to disinfect them;

4. To eat the poultry farming products only after long heat treatment adjoining to crude fowl a workplace and tools it is necessary to process disinfecting solution or to drench with boiled water.

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