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ANNOTATION to the stela devoted to the 80th anniversary of Balkhash town


to the stela devoted to the 80th anniversary of Balkhash town

The stela devoted to the 80th anniversary of Balkhash town foundation is a triangular prism at the base with a sagittal finial, made of stainless white metal. The sweep and colour of the stela specifies symbolically the impetuosity of development, the desire for high goals, progress. The finial of the stela is decorated with the town emblem, decorated compositionally in a circle. At the top, in the middle of the emblem there is a stylized image of Shanyrak. In the background there are the contours of the Balkhash town copper smelting plant. On the side, to the right on the emblem there is a contour image of the legendary Kazakh warrior Agybai batyr. The space of the emblem is also filled with a stylized image of the waves of Balkhash lake, the national ornamentation unites composition around a circle. The predominant colour of the emblem is blue and yellow. From three sides of the sagittal part of the stela from the emblem to the base the ornamental stripes in golden colour gamma are dropped. The front part of the stela is represented in the upper part with the typographic title "BALKHASH". At the bottom of the typographic composition is a stylized casting, using in metallurgy, inside which are stars. The central and basic star has seven extremities, similar to the golden star of the heroes of Kazakhstan, thereby emphasizing the heroic work of metallurgists. Metal is poured oud from the casting, on which seven stars of different sizes are shining. There are also seven steps at the base of the stela. The presence of the number 7 is mandatory for the Kazakh: it includes 7 days of the week – the time units of the infinity of the World. By the custom 7 bowls with Nauryz-kozhe should stand in front of the most respected aksakal ("white-bearded old man"). On this holiday every Kazakh should visit 7 houses and invite 7 guests. The main ritual dish of this holiday is Nauryz-kozhe. Nauryz-kozhe must consist of 7 ingredients, symbolizing 7 elements of life: water, meat, salt, fat, flour, cereals (rice, corn or wheat) and milk. They symbolize joy, luck, wisdom, health, well-being, speed, growth and divine protection. The line means that metallurgy is the town-forming enterprise of Balkhash town, namely the copper smelting plant founded in 1937 in the USSR. On the left and right side of the stela base there are bas-reliefs with a composition theme related to the daily activities of Balkhash town. The left side is represented by the main compositional moment – the casting by the metallurgist of the numeral of the Balkhash town foundation – 1937. In April 11, 1937 Pribalkhashstroi settlement was reformed to Balkhash town by the decision of the Presidium of the Central executive Committee of KazSSR. In the background there is a young metallurgist who watches the action of a veteran metallurgist, thereby emphasizing the succession of generations of metallurgists. In the upper right corner of the composition there are women-workers of the rear, whose hands forged victory over fascism during the Great Patriotic War. During the war years only 2,875 women came to work to the copper plant. Each second bullet, a whizz-bang produced by Balkhash plants, is merit of the rear worker of Balkhash town. Yurts and various elements in the background supplement the composition of the bas-relief. The right side of the bas-relief is represented by the image of a fisherman leading fish catching. Industrial fishing on Balkhash lake began in 1929-1930. The upper part is decorated with a mother with a child, emphasizing that every person has a shelter and a hearth for the sake of which he works. The composition is complemented by the silhouettes of camels and various elements of the yurt. The colour of the stela base is made of a bronze-brown gamma, emphasizing the solidity of the town development and its inviolability.


Composite authors: Komutov Zhanat Kakenovich is

an excellent worker of culture of the RK

a member of Kazakhstan Council of designers

of the Council of artists of the RK, the Eurasian Council of artists

of the professional Council of artists of the RF

Balabekov Kanysh Amanzholovich is

a member of the Council of artists of the RK

the Eurasian Council of designers

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