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As part of the events dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the People of Kazakhstan on September 17, 2019 in the Karaganda region at 11.00 a one-time general regional dictation was organized, which reached 120,000 people. At the above event from the Balkhash town 5220 people were covered. Participants wrote dictations at workplaces and in educational institutions listening to audio text that was distributed to organizations. This dictation was attended by 1523 school students, 1709 students, doctors, cultural workers, schools, college teachers, employees of the public service center - 1510 people, 139 state employees and 339 people who came of their own free will, as well as other civil servants.

Before the dictation, New spelling rules were explained, and after the dictation ended, the correct version of the written text was distributed according to which everyone could check and evaluate themselves.

In mastering the new alphabet, the Balkhashians showed a good result. Of the 5220 people covered, they received the following ratings: 470 participants (9%) - “5” very well, 4055 participants (78%) - “4” well, 695 participants (13%) - “3” is satisfactory.

The participants of which can be especially noted in the writing of the dictation: Bakanova Amina, Codec Madiyar, Maksutbek Ernur.

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