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“The state symbols are one of the unshakeable foundations of our state, our sovereignty. They express the sacred joining form of Independence”

Nursultan Nazarbaev


The constitutional Law “About the state symbols of Republic of Kazakhstan” was passed on the 4th of June, 2007. The 4th of June is celebrated as day of the state symbols in Republic of Kazakhstan every year in accordance with this law.

The state symbols are one of the integral attributes of any state which embody its identity and sovereignty. The state symbols are the State Flag, the State Emblem and the State Anthem in Republic of Kazakhstan.

The State Flag of Republic of Kazakhstan.                                                                                         

The State Flag of Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular cloth of sky-blue color with a picture of the sun with rays in the center, the flying eagle under it. There is a vertical stripe with national ornament near flagstaff. Image of the sun, its rays, eagle and national ornament are gold.




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