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Information about social and economic development of town Balkhash for January – September, 2018


 The products output in established prices was 401 450,6 million tenges, IFO of industrial output developed at the level of 113,9%. IFO of manufacturing industry of-116,6%, mining – 106,9%.

In a total amount of industrial output 89,8% fall to the share of manufacturing industry.

       In mining branch capacity of extraction of copper ore increased by 43,9%, production of a copper concentrate for 5,7%.

Increased by the corresponding period of 2017 of gold for 12,9%, the copper refined for 6,1% and power production for 5,6%. 

Capacities of production of the affined silver are reduced by 13,3%, in connection with decrease in supply of raw materials in 1 quarter of the current year with «Востокцветмет» Kazakhmys Corporation" for "Kazakhmys of Smelting", acids sulfuric for 0,6% that is connected with repair of the combined gas flue.


        92% of capacity, the other industrial enterprises of 7,8% of the total amount of industrial output (31 505,9 million tenges) fall to the share of the enterprises of Kazakhmys Corporation. The share of production of the other industrial enterprises is increased by 14,3% in comparison with the same period of 2017, including the capacity of production of the enterprises of the Card of industrialization was made by 23 648,1 million tenges, or 5,9% of the total amount of industrial production that there is 15% more than the level of same period of last year.



17 005 million tenges, IFO – 140,9% are invested in city economy (from them: budgetary – 4 975,4 million tenges (29,3%), private – 12 029 billion tenges (70,7%). In structure of investments of 65,9% of capacity it is enclosed in mining and manufacturing industry. Increase to the level of previous year is connected with implementation of the budgetary investment projects, reconstruction of a runway, an investment of private investments, including the Kazakhmys Corporations LLP enterprise.



The total turnover of retail trade made 17 402,8 million tenges, or 102,9% by the corresponding period of last year



 In September, 2018 the following changes from the average price in comparison with December, 2017 are registered:

 decrease according to 5 names: flour of 1 grade for 2,6%, buckwheat for 18,6%, egg for 10,7%, sunflower oil for 0,7%, potatoes for 14,4%.

 growth according to 7 names:

1. bread (wheat of  flour of 1 grade) 2,5%        5. butter of 8,9%

2. sugar sand of 11,4%                                     6. carrots of 3,8%

3. hens of 3,1%                                                 7. cabbage of 7,6%

4. rice of  11%,       

At the previous level: beef, horns, cottage cheese, salt, milk of 2,5%, onions, beet.

 For stabilization of the prices and ensuring food security on vegetable production memorandums are concluded with producers and wholesale suppliers.

 For January - June, 2018y  20 agricultural fairs are held where it is realized: 324 tons of meat, 10,4 tons of fish and fish production, 41,1 tons of grocery production, for the sum about 495,8 million tenges at the prices are lower than 14 tons of dairy products and other socially important food market for 10-15%.



          The capacity of gross output of agriculture was 1 239,2 million tenges, IFO of 99,3%, because of decrease in production of crop production (a poor harvest of potatoes and vegetables) because of weather conditions.

At the same time production of livestock production increased by 101,9%, production of meat of all types of the cattle and a bird in country farms and subsidiary farms of the population (1,9%), capacity  yield of milk (2,2%), production of eggs for 1,6%.



 The capacity of construction works was 7 567,1 million tenges, or 145,3% by the same period of 2017 including installation and construction works are executed for 2514,5 million tenges (70,5% to the level of 2017), capital repairs for 4237,6 million tenges (it is increased by 3 times to the level of 2017), maintenance for 815 million tenges (it is increased twice to the level of 2017).

 Increase in capacity of construction works due to implementation of the budgetary investment projects on construction and reconstruction of housing, routine maintenance and overhaul repairs of objects of municipal property and also on repairs of processing equipment, buildings and constructions of the industrial enterprises of the city, including Kazakhmys Corporation. 



 Since the beginning of the current year 7 497 sq.m of housing, or 78,9% to the plan and 138,7% by the same period of last year are put into operation. The plan target for 2018 is defined of 11 404 sq.m and Konyrat (total area of 2 houses of 5506 sq.m), construction of 2room houses 45-sq. №  20 and 21 at the10 microdistrict (the total area of 2 houses of 5 330 sq.m) on the system of zhilstroysberezheniye, due to private investments will be provided due to reconstruction of a 27 flats on Seyfullin Street, house 3 (2732 sq.m) and individual housing construction (2012 sq.m).



   As of October 1, 2018 the number of the acting subjects of small and medium business was reduced by 224 units and has made 4016 units, or 94,7% by the corresponding period of 2017 (4240 units), of them legal  entities – 463 units, SP – 3527 units, 26 peasant farms.

 Decrease in subjects of MSP was the result of introduction of the simplified procedure of elimination and a re-registration.

 The capacity of the made production, the performed works and the rendered services in the sphere of small and medium business I have made 13 043 million tenges, 129,4% to the level of the corresponding period of last year.

 Number occupied in this sphere of economy was made by 13794 people, or 100,3% to the level of previous year.

Within the Uniform DKB-2020 program in implementation of 29 projects on subsidizing of an interest rate for the sum of proceeds of credit of 1 556,1 million tenges and 15 grant projects for the sum of 45 million tenges. 497 new jobs are created.





















   The budget execution on revenues is 107.5% (against the plan - 3331.6 million tenge, receipt - 3,580.7 million tenge).

   Execution of the city budget for expenditures - 100% of the plan (plan - 7,547.2 million tenge, execution - 7,554.4 million tenge).


The rest of the underutilized budget funds is 2 835.9 thousand tenge:

RB - 16.5 thousand tenge: 5.6 tt - for the implementation of measures aimed at the development of the labor market, in the framework of the Program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship. Refund of the student’s pension; 3.2 tt - supplement to teachers implementing curricula for primary, basic and general secondary education on the updated content of education. Return of social contributions; 7.7 tt - the balance due to rounding.

ABOUT - 1292.5 thousand tenge: to conduct an energy audit of apartment buildings for 2018. According to the action plan, work will be performed during the heating season; 52.0 tt - for reimbursement to owners of the cost of carrying out the sanitary slaughter of sick farm animals with especially dangerous infectious diseases and the provision of services for vaccination, transportation and storage of veterinary drugs. Return invoice for payment; 2.5 tons - the balance due to rounding.

MB - 1526.9 thousand tenge: 714.0 tt - untimely delivery of goods (office paper); 358.1 tt - holding an event at the expense of the local budget reserve. No contract has been concluded to conduct a comprehensive private expertise. The project document for the overhaul of the construction of the Konyrat boiler house is loaded into the Single Portal. At the stage of picking; 65.5 tt - savings on public procurement for the purchase of anti-virus programs; 389.3 tt - the balance due to rounding.
























The number of officially registered unemployed as of October 1, 2018 was 240 people. (January - September 2017 - 354 people).

 Since the beginning of the year, 2001 people turned to employment issues. 2103 unemployed people were employed, or 105% of the total number of applicants, or 124.4% of the corresponding period of the previous year. 411 people took part in public works or 89.7% over the same period last year, social jobs were organized for 51 unemployed, youth practice for 60 graduates, 238 people were sent for vocational training and retraining.

 There are 30 families registered in the city (127 people) with incomes below the poverty line (in January-September 2017 - 2 families (11 people)).

 The number of employees as of July 1 of the current year (including small enterprises) is 23,430 people, or 97% (a decrease of 742 people) over the same period last year (24,172 people).


In large and medium-sized enterprises - 21,031 people. (a decrease of 585 people, or 2.7% over the same period last year).

In small enterprises - 2 399 people. (a decrease of 157 people, or 6.2% over the same period last year).





  The network of preschool institutions is 24 organizations, of which: 14 kindergartens with coverage of 3041 children; 10 mini-centers on the basis of ten comprehensive schools with coverage of 1021 children.

  The total coverage of children with preschool education is 4,062 people, the percentage of coverage is 96.4% from 1 to 6 years of the total number of children (4,215 children), from 3 to 6 years old the coverage is 100%.

  11288 people study at schools. The number of students per 1 computer is 5 people.




           Over January-August of the current year, the birth rate decreased by 4.6% (January-August 2017 - 17.58 cases, January-August 2018 - 16.78 cases per 1000 population).

The mortality rate was 9.22 cases per 1000 people. or decreased by 11.5% over the same period last year (January-August 2017 –10.42 cases).

The infant mortality rate was 6.70 per 1,000 live births (January-September 2017, the rate was 10.50) or a decrease of 36.2% over the corresponding period of the previous year.

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