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The report about the done work of PI ‘’Department of economy and finance of town Balkhash” for 2018 year.

PI ‘’Department of economy and finance of town Balkhash” carries out function on realization state politic in the field of formation and development of economic politic, state plans, budget implementation and manage of municipal property of town.

For maintaining social and economic stability during year monthly monitoring of indicators of social and economic development on the basis of the analysis of primary reports and information of the enterprises and the organizations of town was carried out. Monitoring of execution of planned targets on economic growth for 2018 was monthly carried out. The undertaken planned obligations for ensuring economic growth for branches of economy in general following the results of 2018 are fulfilled.

      During 2018 year development of the program and strategic documents aimed at providing economic growth of town due to identification of the available reserves (points) of economic growth was carried out. Due to the changes in the Forecast of social and economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Karaganda region for 2019-2023 and the recommendations of the Ministry of national economy the Program of development of town Balkhash for 2016-2020 is brought into accord with the Strategic map of key national indicators. The analysis of the current situation for the last three years, complex characteristic of the main problems of the city, risks, deterrents, competitive advantages and opportunities of steady social and economic development of town in the medium term and also definite purposes and target indicators of development of town till 2020 is presented in the Program. Besides, the corresponding assessment of implementation of the Program of development of town Balkhash for 2016 – 2020 years and to execution of the Plan of measures on realization following the results of which the operational reporting for 2017 is created and posted on the website of akimat of town is carried out.

For complex and full development of tourist potential  the Comprehensive plan of social and economic development of town Balkhash for 2019-2023 was created in which the solution of significant problematic issues of our region is provided. All actions of the Comprehensive plan are broken on blocks, its main part actions in housing sectors, development of transport infrastructure, small business, including in tourist area make, leading of engineering and communication infrastructure to objects of tourism, implementation of projects in the social sphere and also questions of administrative-territorial submission and the land relations.

During 2018 year 5 specifications and four updatings of town budget are carried out to communications by increase incomes  of town budget, internal adjustments between the budgetary programs, change of the sums of target transfers and also assignment from a reserve of local executive body for urgent expenses. In the expired year 20 meetings of the budgetary commission on questions of economic and budget planning, budget implementation are held.

During the year within the budgetary process fruitful work on consideration of the budgetary applications of administrators of the budgetary programs, regarding priority of the expenses specified in them, to the analysis of the budgetary applications, strengthening of efficiency of each budgetary program in a section of administrators of the budgetary programs was conducted. For timely and high-quality development the allocated budgetary funds together with administrators of the budgetary programs in the operational mode risks of the expected not development of budgetary funds for timely identification of problematic issues and taking measures within specification of the budget were fulfilled. At the same time, the necessary methodological help to administrators of the budgetary programs for topical issues of the budgetary legislation, municipal property was rendered, to development of projects of public-private partnership.

For effective holding procedures of government procurement in December, 2018 the exit training seminar together with ‘’BS CONSULTINS’’ LLP on the subject "Government Procurement taking into account the Accepted and Forthcoming Changes for 2019" for experts, accountants of public institutions and the enterprises of town for explanation of rules of law on government procurement with coverage of 70 listeners is organized.

For ensuring transparency of carrying out government procurement monitoring on timely placement of the plan of government procurement on the republican web portal, to holding competitive procedures, timely providing reports by administrators of the budgetary programs is systematically carried out and also publication of announcements and results of competitions in government procurement in printing editions and on Internet resources is carried out. In the expired year the executive bodies financed from the local budget held 132 competitions for the sum of 3333.7 million tenges.

Following the results of budget implementation expected plans for budget revenues for 5.7% are exceeded. Execution of town budget for receipts made 105.7% (at the plan – 4438.6 million tenges, receipt – 4690.1 million tenges). 460 million tenges which in addition arrived in excess of the plan and budgetary funds, undeveloped within a year, will be allocated for the solution of priority and burning issues of housing and communal services of the city. Budget implementation on expenses made 11052.1 million tenges, or 98% to the plan.


For evaluating effective management of budgetary funds in the expired year the assessment of implementation of the budgetary programs of development for 2017 is carried out. The city budget for the next three-year period is developed and approved 2019-2021. The total amount of the budget for 2019 is created in the sum of 9.7 billion tenges. Own budget revenues were 4 billion 982 million tenges, target transfers – 1,392 million tenges, subventions – 3 billion 436 million t. The social orientation of the city budget is kept. Specific weight of expenses on the social sphere is 72% (6190430 t. t.). Along with the city budget also the voted budget of local government of the settlement of Sayak is developed. The provided mechanisms to allow to plan and control budget expenses taking into account the interests of local community. The taken measures will create favorable conditions for improvement of economic and social situation, will promote overall performance of bodies of a local state administration and self-government and also a role of the population in process adoption of management decisions

In the current year 2 projects are developed to realization: 

1) Functioning of the city swimming pool «Ақ теңіз» for revival of water sports, occupations swimming of the population of all age.

2) Signing of the contract of trust management on the state sporting venues – the water sports station and yacht-club (incomplete construction) for full development of sailing.

Within the budgetary program "Acquisition of Property in Municipal Property" in 2018 the specialized equipment for service of a conduit «Токрау-Саяк» is acquired. For stable providing with drinking water the settlement of Sayak and expeditious mitigation of consequences of accidents at the expense of budgetary funds the auto repair shop and the excavator loader for the total amount of 44,228.8 thousand tenges purchased.

The department of economy and finance is authorized body on management of municipal property. As of January 1, 2019 in management of akimat of town there are 65 acting legal entities, from them: 40 public institutions, 19 utility state companies on the right of operational management, 4 utility state companies on the right of economic maintaining and also akimat of town are a founder of 2 limited liability companies from shares of the state. The book value of all assets according to the Register for January 1, 2018 is 13504.2 million tenges. Due to the made changes in Rules of granting the state property in property hiring (rent) granting municipal property for rent is carried out the register (www.gosreestr.kz), in electronic form by means of the web portal. In 2018 year 38 contracts property hiring are signed. and 27 contracts property hiring on a grant basis. For reporting year to the budget of town came from rent of the property which is in state ownership of 14.2 million tenges or 112% to the plan.


In reporting year 7 meetings of town commissions on privatization and transfer to trust management are held. Procedures of transfer on competitive sphere of three objects of town municipal property – AK-159/21 Institution, military unit 6505, the non-residential premise on Lenin St., 78 are carried out. 15.6 million tenges came to income of town budget from privatization of municipal property.

For monitoring of results of privatization by department post-privatization control of the objects of municipal property realized earlier from the auction is conducted. From 10 objects of municipal property transferred on competitive sphere on three objects owners fulfilled the undertaken obligations, 7 objects are on post-privatization control.

In the expired year 1 object - the hockey field of sport center "Metallurgist" is delivered in trust management without the right of the subsequent repayment. The judgment one ownerless object – the building of the former mail of mdt. Konyrat, to Zaytsev St., 17 is accepted in municipal city property. 

Since the beginning of 2018 are accepted from republican property in municipal city property the office building of the former Treasury, from a private property in municipal city property under the contract of donation the building of an electroworkshop on production of marble of the settlement of Sayak is accepted, under the contract of donation from «Сары-Казна» LLP the equipped sports grounds for children are transferred. The building of the former city sports club «Жекпе-Жек» is transferred from town property to the regional municipal possession.


The department of economy and finance carried selectively out an inspection of safety and effective use of property of municipal property by the asset holder on subordinated institutions, check captured 14 schools. 5 municipal property. By results of inventory to budgetary institutions instructions and recommendations about elimination of the revealed violations are made.

On daily control there are questions of repayment of debt of life-supporting utility companies of the city to the power supplying organizations. Measures for their maximum repayment are taken.




PI ‘’Department of economy and finance of town Balkhash” for 2018 year.

The head of town Balkhash

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