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Report PI "Department of Employment and Social Programs of town Balkhash" for 2018 and about plans for 2019.

PI  "Department of Employment and Social Programs of town Balkhash" renders 17 types of public services. The total number of the rendered public services made 7327, 1190 of them  through non-profit joint-stock company "The Government corporation``, `` The Government for Citizens``.
Issues of employment of the population in town were resolved within the Comprehensive plan of assistance of employment of the population for 2018 providing actions for ensuring steady employment of the population.
84.9 million tenges are allocated for implementation of the Program of development of productive employment and mass business for 2017-2021 years «Еңбек»  (further – the Program) in 2018, from them 84.6 million tenges or 99.6% are mastered.

Since the beginning of 2018, within the Comprehensive plan of assistance of employment of the population, are captured by measures of employment of 2971 people or 118% (the annual plan 2520 people).
From category of target groups participants of the Program became:
- persons with limited opportunities-152 people;
- the persons which arrived from places of detention and staying on the registry in service of a probation-5 of the people;
- needy citizens-9 people;
- youth-1433 people;
- female-1656 persons.
Also, since the beginning of 2018 active measures of employment captured women under 50 years are-185th people. From them:
- completed short-term courses of retraining 15 people;
- 6 people are directed to social jobs;
- 48 people are directed to the paid public works;
- 116 people are employed on vacant jobs.
Within the first direction "Providing Participants of the Program with Technical and Professional Education and Short-term Vocational Education" 123 people are allocated for retraining of personnel to 25.3 million tenges.

Short-term vocational education of participants of the Program is organized in 4 organizations of education with elements of dual model of training – GU "Balkhash College of Service", GU "Balkhash Technical College of R. Koshkarbayev", Multi-profile college, PI "Polytechnical college of Kazakhmys corporation and Kaskad LLP.
By the professions demanded in labor market 238 people or 193.5% of the plan are directed to short-term vocational education of personnel. Including, 289 people from among target groups (92 people - youth, 169 people – women, 22 people - persons with limited opportunities, 6 people – the Services of a probation which arrived from places of detention and staying on the registry)

Educational Institution

Profession (specialty)

Directed person

From them completed


PS Politechnical college of corporation "Казахмыс"

Gas and arc welder                (3 months)



turner (3 months)




MPI «Balkhash college of service»

cooker  (3 months)



hairdresser  (3 months)



confectioner  (3 months)



seemstress (3 months)




 «Каскад» LLP

Driver category «В», «С» (2,5 months)




Balkhash multi-profile college

Accountant  and audit (2 months)



Computer courses  (2 months)



Budget business  (2 months)




MPI «Balkhash technical college name by R.Koshkarbaev»

Electrician (3 months)








Short-term courses of retraining finished 210 people, from them for full-time employment 121 people or 57.6% are employed, 4 people or 2%.are directed to public works.
Within the second direction "Development of Mass Business" training in bases of business 8 jobless citizens and 6 beginning businessmen are passed on the Business Adviser project. 2 people received the microcredit for expansion of business in the sum of 16.8 million tenges.

Within the fourth social initiative of the Head of state of extension of the program of microcredit through the Karaganda branch JSC ‘’Fund of Financial Support of Agriculture’’  on development of livestock production the are given to 5 residents of the settlements of Sayak and Gulshat microcredits for total amount of 16.7 million tenges
For employment measures of the state support, consultation on training and employment are provided to participants of the Program within the third direction "Development of Labour Market through Assistance of Employment of the Population and Mobility of Human Resources".

In 2018 addressed to Job center of the population for labor mediation 2486 people, 2044 people are employed (82.2%).

The number of the jobless citizens staying on the registry – the 83rd people.

The operating forms of employment of the population allowed to organize social jobs for 51 jobless citizens, to direct to youth practice of 65 graduates of specialized secondary and higher educational institutions, to borrow at public works the 525th persons.
Also, 2018 within the third direction: "Employment due to development of infrastructure and housing communal services" funds for total amount of 77120.0 thousand tenges (financing from the regional budget), with creation of 44 jobs, including 25 jobs through jobcenter of the population are allocated for repair work. Planned targets are executed for 100%. All repair work is completed.

Within standards of jobs of the disabled people approved by the Order of the Minister of health care and social development of 30 November 2015y in 2018 taking into account individual opportunities of disabled people with a hearing disorder, 4 special workplaces are created.
The jobcenter of the population carries out the information and explanatory work (IEW) on connection of employers and applicants independently to the portal of Electronic labor exchange.
Since the beginning of 2018 on the portal electronic labor exchange 133 employers of town where 862 applicants or 42.2% of total number employed on constant jobs (2044 people) are employed are registered. Besides, are independently registered 501 applicants or 111% of the plan (the plan - 450 people).
On the arrived data from Management of coordination of employment and social programs for the Karaganda region, 10 persons released from places of detention were captured. During the round explanatory work on participation in the Program is carried out.
- отказались  от  предложенных  работ- 5 чел.

From them:
- 3 people are employed, including, on the established quota of jobs 1 person are employed
- it is self-employed – 1 person;
- refused the offered work - 5 people;
Since the beginning of 2018, from among the persons staying on the registry of service 27 people, from them addressed to Jobcenter:  
- are employed on constant jobs – the 9 people.
- it is directed to public works - 1 person;
- it is directed to a social workplace - 1 person;
- self-employed – 2 people;
- within the Program there passed short-term – 6 people;
-1 person is independently employed;
- receives ASP benefit - 1 person;
- a grant on work loss – 1 person;
- refused the offered works - the 5th persons.

For informing on active measures of assistance of employment of the population and involvement of citizens in business within the Program of development of productive employment and mass business in media it is published 76 articles («Балқаш өңірі», «Северное Прибалхашье», «Пульс»). On Internet resources 80 materials are published, 17 performances and plots on TV channel "Өркен - Media" are organized. At stands and the website of department, in the newspapers «Балқаш өңірі» и «Северное Прибалхашье», through "Facebook" and "instagramm" social network the information materials concerning employment of the population are placed. 42 meetings, 10 round tables and 5 job fairs are held.
5 billboards across Karamende bi  are established (Kazakhtelecom), Lenin St. 16 (shop Astana), Lenin St. 46 (the 22nd drugstore) and on crossing of streets of Lenin-Bokeykhanov. Among the population there are towns, in the settlements of Sayak, Gulshat information and explanatory booklets in public places extend (banks, policlinics, Service center of population, Kazpochta, bus station, etc.)

Work with businessmen of town on attraction them to participation in the Republican competition in social responsibility of business «Парыз» is carried out. «Арыстан Vip Строй»  LLP and «Балқаш Жібек жолы» LLP participated in the competition «Парыз- 2017" from our town for participation on the Best Socially Responsible Enterprise nomination. By results of the competition «Парыз 2018»  participants are marked out by diplomas.
In 2018 according to the plan of the organization and holding the actions dated for the celebration of the Labor Day, the competition «Еңбек Жолы» articles, an interview about participants of the Competition «Еңбек Жолы» through TV channels, media and also on the Internet pages of akimat, department are published. By results of online vote winners of the Competition who were given diplomas and mementoes are defined.

For employment of the released workers during modernization of the enterprises work on the conclusion of Agreements ‘’Дорожная карта 2017-2025»  on the operated overflow of employees of the companies is carried out. In town of the enterprises with the number of staff over 250 people - 11. From them, with 9 enterprises (82%) Agreements are concluded (2 enterprises are absent in a place of registration).
             Social support of needy citizens, Veterans and disabled people
      For the first of January 2019 y it is registered 32 needy families or 133 people in the database that determines by town 0.17 percent of poverty (in 2017 30 people – 5 families).

The number of the needy families living below the poverty line by 4.4 times increased (only 133 people or 443.3% by 2017).
The major factor which influenced growth of number of the needy citizens living below the poverty line is increase since 2018 in a poverty line threshold from 40% to 50% (2017: 1 quarter – 8291 tenges; 2 quarter - 8332 tenges; 3 quarter – 9054 tenges; 4 quarter of-9606 tenges, 2018: 1 quarter - 11471 tenges; 2 quarter - 12422 tenges; 3 quarter of-14142 tenges; 4 quarter of-14142 tenges).

In 2018 the new format of the address social help, in the form of the caused and unconditional monetary help, provided to needy faces (families) having the average  income in a month below the poverty line is implemented. The threshold of its rendering is raised from 40 to 50% of a living wage
The address social help is rendered to 133 receivers from 32 needy families on total amount of 4884.0 thousand tenges, with an average size of 3060 tenges.
For the purpose of eradication of dependence, the caused monetary help for able-bodied needy citizens appears on condition of their participation in employment assistance measures. In 2018 9 jobless citizens, from them are involved in active measures of employment: 1 people completed short-term courses of retraining of personnel as a seamstress, with the subsequent employment, 3 people are employed on constant jobs, 2 people are engaged at social workplaces and 3 people are directed to public works.
At the same time, the target indicator "Specific Weight of Recipients of ASP (the Caused Monetary Help) Involved in Active Measures of Assistance of Employment" made 25.3% that is 3.2% more than a planned target (the plan of 2018 - 22.1%).

- Compensation of costs of training at home of children of disabled people – 33 applicants for the sum of 935.0 thousand tenges, in comparison with 2017 (2017 - 35 applicants for the sum of 829.1 thousand tenges) decreased the number of applicants by 2 disabled children.

The social help at approach of a difficult life situation was received 94 people for the total amount of 2344.9 thousand tenges (2017 of-102 people for the sum of 2314.4 thousand tenges), from them:
• for the partial caused damage to property owing to the fire
(at a rate of 45MRP) - 1 people for the sum of 108.2 thousand tenges;

  • with a socially significant disease “tuberculosis” in the period of outpatient treatment (in the amount of 10 МCI - 24050 tenge) - 18 people. in the amount of 432.9 thousand tenge (2017 - 20 people in the amount of 453.8 thousand tenge);
  • with malignant neoplasms for the period of postoperative treatment (in the amount of 10 МCI-24050 tenge) - 68 people. in the amount of 1,635.4 thousand tenge (2017 - 77 people in the amount of 1747.1 thousand tenge);
  • Patients caused by the human immunodeficiency virus and carriers of the human immunodeficiency virus (in the amount of 10 МCI-24050tenge) - 7 people. in the amount of 168.4 thousand tenge (2017 - 5 people. in the amount of 113.5 thousand tenge).

         Provided social assistance in the form of providing social package (foodstuffs and cleaning products) for 20 patients with tuberculosis (at the rate of 4984 tenge per person), receiving treatment on an outpatient basis for a total of 996.7 thousand tenge.

- Housing assistance was provided to 385 families in the amount of 595 people for a total amount of 10,500.0 thousand tenge, incl. contributions to the overhaul of MZ 18 families in the amount of 24 people. in the amount of 188.8 thousand tenge (2017 - to 378 families (542 people) in the amount of 8750.0 thousand tenge, including contributions for the overhaul of the MOR 21 families in the amount of 25 people in the amount of 224.8 thousand .tenge).
The increase in the amount of housing assistance payments for 2018 relative to 2017 is explained by the increase in tariffs for the cold 44.6% (from 538.3 tenge to 778.18 tenge) and hotter than 1.9% (from 477.61 tenge to 486.82 tenge) , for fecal drains 73.1% (from 249.15 tenge to 431.30 tenge), for heat energy 4.2% (from 93.21 tenge to 97.13 tenge) and electricity 9.6% (from 14-50 tenge to 15-90 tenge) and for the export of household waste by 35.9% (from 114.33 tenge to 155.41 tenge).
Categories of recipients: pensioners (291 people.), Disabled people (77 people.), Children under 18 (122 people.), Students (19 people.) , unemployed (14 people.) and others (9 people.).
In 2018, the number of recipients of social benefits (targeted social assistance, housing assistance, reimbursement of expenses for home-based education of children with disabilities, assistance to people in difficult life situations) among women amounted to 562 people. or 65.7% of the total number of recipients (855 people).

         For 2019 it is provided:

  • State targeted social assistance - 7346 thousand tenge (including RB-920 thousand tenge) for 195 recipients;
  • Reimbursement of costs for 40 disabled children studying at home - 1472.0 thousand tenge;
  • Housing assistance - 13,751.0 thousand tenge for 400 families;
  • Social payments to certain categories of citizens by the decision of local representative bodies in the event of a difficult life situation, including:

- when causing damage to a citizen (family) or his property as a result of a natural disaster or fire - 429.3 thousand tenge;
- with a socially significant disease "tuberculosis" in the period of outpatient treatment for 30 people - 757.3 thousand tenge;
- with malignant neoplasms for the period of postoperative treatment 95 people - 2398.8 thousand tenge;
- with the presence of the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus and carriers of the human immunodeficiency virus (6 people) - 151.6 thousand tenge.
In 2018, 14 categories of citizens in the amount of 11372 people. one-time financial assistance was provided for public holidays and memorable dates for a total amount of 65,225.0 thousand tenge.
One of the priorities of social policy is to solve the problems of people with disabilities, to improve their position in society.
According to the SCPP, there are 3,875 disabled people registered in the Balkhash town, of which: 1.2 groups of disabled people - 2,229 people, 3 groups - 1,412 people, and 234 disabled children. In comparison with the same period of 2017 (3,672 people, including 1.2 grams, 2042 people, 3 grams, 1396 people, children, 234 people), the number of people with disabilities increased by 5.5% (203 people).
Since the beginning of the year, persons with disabilities have been provided with:

  • • prosthetic and orthopedic products- 116 people. (security 72,5%);
  • • audiotechnical means- 32 people. (security 71%);
  • • typhlo-technical means - 64 people. (security 44%);
  • • 79 vouchers for sanatorium treatment were issued (provision of 48%);
  • • services were provided to 107 handicapped sign language specialists and individual assistants (100% security);
  • • wheelchair 18 people (security 47%).

In connection with the expansion of the list of mandatory hygiene products from 3 to 13 items, 235 persons with disabilities are provided with personal hygiene (100% security).  
An additional allowance was paid in the amount of one calculated indicator for the care of state social benefits for 33 single-living disabled people of 1,2 groups in the total amount of 899.5 thousand tenge.
As part of the implementation of the National Plan for the period 2012-2017. The working group on the inventory of objects for compliance with the accessible environment for persons with disabilities carried out certification of 66 social infrastructure facilities. Of the 45 objects to be adapted, 33 objects were adapted (including in 2018 6 objects). In 2019, it is planned to adapt 6 social infrastructure facilities.

In 2018, the target indicator of Development Program of Balkhash town for creating a barrier-free environment was fulfilled by 100% (plan-80%, actual 81.8%).

There are 5 veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the city including. - PGPW - 4 people., IGPW –1, workers of the rear and other categories of citizens, equated to them –742 people.
To provide attention on birthdays, on holidays, and in solving problematic issues, the participants of the Great Patriotic War are for life assigned to the enterprises of the town.

In order to provide social support to veterans of the Great Patriotic War between the akim of the town and enterprises, a Memorandum was concluded with the municipal enterprises of the town on exemption from paying utility expenses.

From the beginning of the year, 14 dates of commemoration of veterans of PGPW, workers of the rear and long-livers of the town at home with the presentation of a memorable gift and a grocery basket were organized with the participation of akim of the town.
Since the beginning of the year, 22 events have been held, attracting sponsorship in the amount of 1.0 million tenge, covering 878 people.
In 2018, 9 people were sent to regional medical and social institutions. (Karaganda 3- pers., Abay-1 pers., Zhezkazgan -5 pers.).
As of 01/01/2019, 21 people. They are in a line at the psychoneurological medical and social institutions.
389 people received social services at home, of which 238 people were living alone, 151 people with disabilities.

In the framework of 6 projects of the state social order, 461 people received additional services. totaling 17.5 million tenge. In 2019, the provision of these services provided 20.9 million tenge.




The provision of special social services in the framework of the social order

Project titles


Plan for 2019

Transport services for persons with disabilities of 1,2 groups, children with disabilities up to 16 years



Social service at home for lonely disabled people of 1-2 groups with a low degree of physical activity



Computer class for the organization of leisure of disabled children and young people with disabilities



Organization of rehabilitation, sociocultural and sports (medical and physical) classes for disabled children and disabled people over 18 years old



Shelter for social adaptation and rehabilitation of persons
caught in a difficult life situation



Social support for tuberculosis patients







Indicators of the Territory Development Program scheduled for 2018 are fulfilled.

The use of budget funds amounted to 394.6 million tenge or 99.7%.

Commission work:
  Since the beginning of 2018, meetings of the following commissions have been held:
- on the establishment of work experience for persons who have worked for at least 6 months in the period from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 - 10 meetings, at which 15 people examined documents;
- on registration and registration of citizens affected by nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site - 8 meetings, documents from 11 citizens were reviewed. According to the documents reviewed, a positive decision was made;
- 15 meetings of the special commission for the consideration of applications of persons applying for social assistance in connection with the onset of a difficult life situation. According to the documents reviewed, 94 citizens were given a positive opinion;
3 meetings of the town tripartite commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations, at which questions on the regulation of labor relations at enterprises and organizations of the town, on the state of compliance with sanitary and epidemiological legislation in the activities of industrial enterprises of Balkhash, on the situation of reducing volumes the transfer of compulsory pension contributions and social contributions to 50% (90) or more percent by employers of the town and on the existing problems, on participation with The object of private business in Balkhash town in the Republican contest on social responsibility of business "Paryz" and on the implementation of the republican action "to conclude an employment contract!". Amendments were made to the town agreement between the akim of Balkhash town, associations of trade unions (workers), associations of entrepreneurs and employers of the city for 2018-2020.

One of the main issues of the commission is the settlement of wage arrears to employees at 3 town enterprises in the total amount of 25.6 million tenge. (Vzryvprom 2001 LLP - 1.1 million tenge, BAS-Balkhash 2004 LLP - 23.7 million tenge, Monopoly-SSA LLP - 0.8 million tenge)
According to the results of the work of the commission, the amount of wage arrears was reduced by 5.0 million tenge.
-2 meetings of the Council for the Disabled, discussed the creation of a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities, the participation of persons with disabilities in the cultural and sports life of the town, the inclusion of children with disabilities in an inclusive educational environment and the measures taken to prevent and prevent disability.
The Department of Employment and Social Programs in 2019 will continue to work on the implementation of state policy in the field of employment and social protection of the population:
1) ensuring productive employment of the population, the creation of jobs, the orientation of the education system to training in accordance with the needs of the labor market, the use of all state measures of social protection of the unemployed (direction to public works; the provision of social jobs; direction to retraining and advanced training) ; in the field of social support to vulnerable groups of the population by providing social benefits to low-income, disabled and elderly citizens;
2) improvement of vocational training and retraining programs for the unemployed and self-employed; supporting labor and entrepreneurial initiatives of citizens, encouraging employers who retain existing and create new jobs, including for certain categories of citizens;
3) ensuring barrier-free access for persons with disabilities to social infrastructure facilities through the implementation of measures to adapt facilities.

Head of the SE “Department of employment
And social programs of Balkhash town”                                Zh.Tompieva

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