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The development of culture of town Balkhash, ‘’The Central library of town Balkhash’’ MPI, «The center of languages of town Balkhash» MPI, «Local-history museum of town Balkhash» MSPE, «Culturally leisure center of town Balkhash» MSPE, «Club of deafs» MSPE, Clubs of Sayak and Gulshat settlement.

There are 48 clubs in cultural instituation. The chorus of national veterans «Живая память» and exemplary dancing ensemble «Veterok» were entitled «Халықтық» and «Үлгілі». Clubs which were opened in 2018y such as «Аrlan» choreographic group of boys and «Жүргізуші және ойын-сауықшылар студиясы», «Сиқырлы қыл қалам» circle of art, vocal instrumental ensemble «Kolibri», the second studio of a dombra, «Күй керуені», «Arabesk» dancing group, exemplary dancing ensemble «Veterok» added.

According to the program «Rukhani zhangyru» on the program «RUKHANI KAZYNA» opened the gallery of local artists in Palace of culture of M. Hamzin.

   A number of repair work is carried out in Palace of culture of M.Hamzin in 2018 the current repair work makes 56 1401.0 thousand tenge, in 2019 - 143,814.0 thousand tenge.

  In 2018 in cultural and entertaining institutions of the town 313 cultural events around  176 thousand people for different social and youth groups are held.

These actions are devoted to the state, anniversary and also promotion of "Rukhani zhangyru", language, youth policy and culture. The main action was devoted to the 20 anniversary of Astana.

  ‘’The Central library of town Balkhash’’ MPI library named by S.Seifullin, It consists of town of the children's library of A. Gaidar and 7 branches of library. The number of readers in 2018 was 20508, the number of books - 421054, the number of visits of library - 130302 people. By the end of 2018 in the central library of town Balkhash there are 30,860 copies of book, including 86707 in Kazakh. In 2018 on books of the local budget 4338.7 thousand tenges, were allocated for periodicals - 3000.0 thousand tenges. For the reporting period two libraries on 8074.2 thousand are repaired.  The library system works on the electronic catalog, by the end of 2018 the number of bibliographic records was 46,976. Work on regional editions is continued, for the end of 2018 their quantity is 187 units. In the Central library system of town Balkhash 227 actions with participation of 10809 people were organized.

In order to attract readers, the following new types of services are introduced: mobile CMS (centralized library system) application, blog and website, COWORKING center in the Central Library, weekly books in the CLS social book // bookstagram, // bookshelf, // bookface console hash Weekly publications, "Bilim kozi" book system, exhibition on ebru drawing, the action “Suikti kitabymmen selfie” on Instagram, actions “Literaturnyi avtobus”, “Bibliotaxi”, bookdating “Menin suikti kitabym”, flash mob action “Kitap asyl kazyna”, bibliography “Priglashsaem v Knizhkin dom” and other actions.  CLS pays great attention to the implementation of the "Land of the Land" program, within which the 2018 "One Day in the Library", "Book Promotion Day", the breeze-ring "Town, born in the Steps of Pribalkhash" and 6 local poets and creative evening of journalists were held.

The total area of the local history museum of Balkhash town was 48331 units. In 2018, the main fund of the museum was added to 400 exhibits. During the reporting period there were 67 exhibitions, 554 excursions, 49 lectures and 64 consultations. In 2018, the total number of visitors reached 42.4 thousand people.

Due to the successful implementation of the state program for the development and use of languages ​​for 2011-2020, the share of adult people who speak the state language in the city was 85%, the share of the Russian language - 84%, English - 21%, and the three languages ​​- 14%. In 2018 24121.0 thousand tenge was allocated from the local budget for language policy. In 2018 there were trained 260 people on the Kazakh language and 175 people in English. In addition, since April of this year for the first time 15 participants of ethno-cultural center "Vozrozhdeniye" (German language) were conducted.

In 2018, there were 12 events involving 3000 people to promote the Trinity.

The content of the state language in the media is 50%, according to the state program it should be 68%. In order to achieve this index from 2019 it is planned to publish magazine "Dostar" in the state language up to 80%. According to the approved plan of the language center "Language Center", 24 videos are annually broadcasted through the TV channel "Balkhash TV" on the "Trinity" project and video clips on "Orken Media" TV channel. In January 2018 in the "Severnoe Pribalkhashiye" newspaper published thematic collections of thematic articles in the section "Chitaem, izuchaem" and in the newspaper "Balkhash zonal" in the heading "Read, Study" 48 thematic collections in the Kazakh language in Cyrillic and Latin printed out.

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